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Large Animal Services:
Sunrise Animal Hospital is a one-stop full service large animal veterinary facility. Although we are happy to bring all of the services of a traditional ambulatory large animal veterinary practice directly to your farm, Sunrise Animal Hospital is also proud to offer the convenience of a full service haul-in facility to expand the level of veterinary care we can offer to our large animal patients.

Wellness & Preventative Care: At Sunrise Veterinary Hospital, we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our goal is to provide your animals with the highest level of veterinary care to keep them feeling their best and performing at the top of their game. Some of the high-level services we offer are:

Physical Examination: helps us to rule out potential problems, often before you even know they are there, and more importantly when they can still be treated!
Annual Vaccinations: we offer the highest quality of vaccine technology to keep your animals happy, healthy and productive. Whether you have horses, cattle, goats, sheep or other large animal species, our veterinarians can help you tailor a vaccine protocol to fit the needs of your farm. We can also help you to keep your animals up to date with their vaccine schedules by sending you reminders when they are coming due.
Fecal Egg Counts: if you are still practicing rotational deworming, the veterinarians at Sunrise Animal Hospital can offer you a healthier and more effective alternative to buying expensive dewormers every 2-3 months. By performing fecal egg counts, we can help you accurately identify the animals in your herd that are harboring high numbers of intestinal parasites and prescribe the appropriate dewormer for a targeted treatment.
On-Farm Blood Work Capabilities: we can monitor the basal function of you animal’s vital organ systems with immediate results on your farm. This gives our veterinarians a window to the internal functions of your animal’s vital systems, and allow us to better identify those systems that are functioning outside of normal levels.

Dental Care: Regular dental care is an important, and often overlooked, key to maintaining a high level of overall health and performance in your animals. As advances in animal health and nutrition over the past several years have allowed us to extend the lifespan of the large animal species we care for, it is more important than ever to start thinking about dental care early in life. These dental services include:

Complete Oral Examination: From the muscles of the jaw, to the gums and even the tongue, we do much more as part of a full oral examination than just peek in at the teeth. A full mouth oral examination is imperative for identifying potential problems before they result in damage to the teeth. Many of these problems can be corrected, but only if we know they are there.

Dental Floating: Many of our domestic species have teeth that grow throughout the course of their lives, which makes it imperative to provide regular floating (or grinding off) of the teeth surface to keep their bite balanced. If teeth grow too high on one side, or develop large ramps in the back of the mouth, this will prevent proper movement of the jaws as well as cause significant pain and damage to the soft tissues in the mouth. The only place to acquire formal training to perform veterinary dentistry is from an accredited veterinary college, therefore using a licensed veterinarian to perform these services on your animals is the only way to ensure expert care. Dr. Stawicki has over 15 years of experience offering veterinary dental services, and has completed several advanced dental procedures courses to bring your animals the highest level of dental expertise.

Dental X-rays: Just like when we go to the dentist with a painful tooth, veterinarians also use dental X-rays to look for cavities or evidence of tooth decay. At Sunrise Veterinary Hospital, we offer state-of-the-art mobile digital X-ray capabilities to perform this service either here at our haul-in facility or right there on your farm. This allows us to correctly identify the problem, and deal with it before it has caused extensive pain or infection in the bone or soft tissues of the mouth.

Oral Surgery & Dental Extraction: Once a problem is identified, we offer a wide array of options from tooth extraction to basic restorative techniques which may allow us to treat the problem before extraction is necessary. In cases where extraction is unavoidable, the team at Sunrise Veterinary Hospital will make sure the procedure is done using the most up to date advances for pain control and dental extraction techniques, which will get your animal feeling better and back to their normal routine as soon as possible.

Illness/Lameness: If your animals are sick or showing signs of muscle or joint pain, Sunrise Veterinary Hospital will help you to identify the source of the problem and develop a treatment plan. We are proud to offer some of the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options available to the veterinary profession, including:

Portable Blood Analysis: If your animal needs blood testing to help us determine the cause of illness, our portable blood chemistry analyzer gives us accurate results in minutes. Many of the most common medications, such as Banamine, Bute or Gentamycin, can cause significant damage if used when liver or kidney function is compromised. Our portable analyzer allows us to assess the function of these organs before we start medical therapy that could make a problem worse. In addition, the ability to obtain immediate results on blood electrolyte and blood protein levels allow us to hone in on a problem with more speed and accuracy than ever before.

Digital X-Ray: Our digital (DR) x-ray equipment is state of the art and completely portable, allowing us to take high-quality diagnostic radiography from within the hospital setting directly to the animals on your farm. Our system is completely battery powered and can be set up in any location, indoors or out. The radiographic image is available in seconds on our computer screen, and can be interpreted at the time of the exam. This means that reshoots can be done immediately if the first image wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, and you get an immediate answer right on the farm instead of waiting for films to be taken back to the hospital for processing and interpretation.

Ultrasound: The use of ultrasound has revolutionized large animal veterinary practice and has become an integral part of our diagnostic toolbox. Just like our day-to-day technology is ever-evolving, medical imaging technology is no exception. Our brand new ultrasound equipment provides us with some of the most detailed imaging available, which allows us to give you more accurate results. Whether we are evaluating a pregnancy, treating colic, or imaging a tendon, you can feel comfortable that the sonographic examination we are performing will not be limited by out of date technology.

Reproductive Medicine: This is an ever-evolving area in the field of veterinary medicine, and to get the best results, you need a veterinarian that has been updated in the most recent advances in the field.  Some of the advanced veterinary reproductive services we are proud to offer at Sunrise Veterinary Hospital include:

• Fresh Semen Artificial Insemination
• Frozen Semen Artificial Insemination
• Semen Collection and Shipment
• Semen Freezing
• Infertility Assessment (BSE) for the Mare
• Infertility Assessment (BSE) for the Stallion
• Semen Testing for Bulls
• Embryo Transfer

Additional Services:
• Castration
• Microchipping
• Coggins Testing
• Pre-Purchase Examination
• Health Certificates
• Herd Health Management